Monday, July 4, 2016

Half-Year Reading Goals 2016 Check-In

 It's already the beginning of July! Where did the first half of the year go? I have been really productive with my reading and blogging. I've had to eliminate some challenges from the beginning of the year that I know I will not be able to complete. I love planning, but I have a hard time actually doing all that I give myself to do. My main focuses in 2016 are my Goodreads goal, the Pop Sugar Challenge, NetGalley and reading Jane Austen.

+Goodreads: On July 1 I was 2 books ahead of schedule. Right now I have read 31 of my goal of 60 books. I feel I can accomplish reading 60 books this year. There will be audiobooks and smaller collections of short stories and poems to help meet my goal. This is why I had set the goal higher than previous years.

+NetGalley: I was recently approved of a few more books and sadly I am not close to 80%, my goal for 2016. However, ARCAugust is coming soon and I hope to be able to put a good dent in my unread ARCs.

+Jane Austen: I still only own 4 of her novels and have not read any yet. I was hoping 2016 would be the year of Jane Austen. I still hope to complete Sense and Sensibility this month.

+Pop Sugar Challenge: I have a list of all the topics and what I have completed on my separate page for it. Overall, I have completed 17 out of 40 challenges. I have planned the rest of the books for the rest of the year, some of my own and some from my library. One of the challenges is to take a recommendation from someone: What book would you recommend I read?!

How have you come along with your challenges for 2016? Are you also doing the Pop Sugar Challenge?


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