Tuesday, January 12, 2016

2016 Book Challenges/Goals

My 2016 Challenges & Goals

1. Reach 80% on NetGalley. I have a problem of obtaining books to review and taking forever to do the review. On my Goodreads bookshelf I have added monthly lists with books that have top priority due to their publication date.

2. Jane Austen: need last 2 more for my collection (Mansfield Park and Persuasion). I want to complete my collection and start reading them!

3. Read these 7 books I've had on my shelves forever:
    -The Walled City by Ryan Graudin
    -The Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett
    -Ender's Game by Orsen Scott Card
    -Dracula-Illustrated version I own
    -Goodbye to Berlin
    -The Princess Bride
    -Brave New World

4. Goodreads # = 60

5. Will start drawing books out of a jar to read during the month if I am not in the mood for anything else. My books and then my review books. I will try to read 2 review books a month.

6. Pop Sugar Challenge! 
     I feel like it is pretty laid back and will see what my current read fits into which category. 50 books total and it will help me get through my own collection. I will put a page with my completed tasks for the challenge.

7. Book Bingo 2016:
    The link to the Goodreads group page: https://www.goodreads.com/group/show/178222-2016-book-bingo I feel like some of these tiles can correspond to the Pop Sugar Challenge. I want to complete one of these challenges by 2017.

8. Keep my blog more updated! I had high hopes for blogposts in December, but due to life I never managed to complete and publish them. These include book reviews. I want to write reviews I will be proud of and give publishers/authors to be pleased with (good or bad).

9. Work on my friendships and network with bloggers. It is a hard group to break into, but I will keep commenting, try to give constructive appraisal, and comment back.

10. To stick to these goals!!! 

What do you think of my goals? What are some of yours and leave a link to your list!


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