Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Top Five Wednesday: Bookish Habits

A few of my bookish habits. I didn't get a chance to do this post when it was scheduled and I don't really pre-order books. 

1. Candle - preferably book-related: current one: Oxford Library. I almost always have one burning for the ambiance and sense of comfort it brings to me. My mother almost always had one burnng at home herself so now I feel like it is home. 

2. Comfy - I always need to be comfortable when I read. Sofa, chair to lay back in with settee, or in bed. I can't read at a kitchen table, or around lots of people. 

3. I always have 1 book for Kindle for travelling and one for home. The ones at home are usually from my personal physical library. Unless they are from a used bookstore I buy editions I want to keep for awhile. 

4. I have a habit of not folding books back all the way. I hate having a crease down the middle of the spine and I want to keep them in great condition if I buy a book new. My husband is permanently traumatized by this. :)

5. Every time I pass by a bookstore I have to go in and see what they have. Just to see what editions they have of certain books and how they keep their books. I like to walk into to bookstores that take the time to have multiple editions of a book and have an inviting display. 


6. Can't read my hardcovers with dust-jackets... too distracting!

7. Can't leave my house without a book: Kindle or physical. Or go to bed without one on my bedside table.


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