Thursday, February 2, 2017

January in Review

My January

I felt like I had so little time to read and blog again this past month. I read 7 books, but two of them are small non-fiction and another two were novellas. I got obsessed with Ilona Andrews and the post-apocalyptic Atlanta so the two novellas are from that world. I really hope Julie and Derek don't become an item. Not all the characters need to be matched up with each other! Plus, I think Ascanio and Julie go well together. I really enjoyed Small Magics because we get to see more of the world of Kate Daniels outside of Atlanta with other characters. It was nice to see what other creatures people deal with and what the "normal" life is like compared to our present. I also read two little books about astrology and how to determine your Moon, Mars and Venus. This is due to late LATE night boredom and skimming through my library's Overdrive. I think they are great little books for newbies, but I got confused on how to do the compatibility. Luckily, my husband satisfies my Mars and I satisfy his Venus, haha. Take what you will of it. I was OBSESSED with astrology throughout my high school and part of my college days. I've chilled since then, but I think those type of things, like the Myers-Briggs Test and "Which Disney Princess Are You", are loads fun. I have a fascination with New Age and was the one area of Barnes and Noble I frequented most often in my high school days. I read Insurgent and I have to say I liked it more than Divergent. My thoughts on Divergent may be because I watched the movie before reading it so I already had my stubborn criticism about the factions and the whole "let's jump off trains because we are SO wild!" being silly. However, the ending I totally saw coming! Another ending kind of saw coming: Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. That was depressing. Only until the last episode do we get the witty banter and lightheartedness from the original show! If you want to chat about it with me please Tweet me! I have thoughts and I don't want to spoil the episodes here. How was the beginning of 2017 for you? Or end of 2016 if you use the Chinese calendar.      

Books I Completed

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8 2017 Debuts I'm Excited For.

2016 Releases I Totally Meant to Read, But Didn't & I Will in 2017.

What's Going On in February

TBRTakedown Feb. 6-12! Follow the Twitter account @TBRTakedown. I will be reading 3 books that complete all 5 challenges: 1 graphic novel, 1 romance, 1 YA dystopian.
   Y: The Last Man,Vol. 7. Most recent book haul.
   Burn for Me by Ilona Andrews. 1st in a series, Out of my comfort zone (romance).
   Allegiant by Veronica Roth. Catch up on a series, on TBR for over a year.

My Cooking 2017 Challenge

So far my cooking challenge has been a success! I found some really good recipes through Ree Drummond's blog: The Pioneer Woman. The recipes are still somewhat hearty with the butter added for cooking, but you can substitute it for something healthier. For it being winter and wanting to eat healthier Ree Drummond was a great choice for January! Plus, I get nostalgic when I go back to these Food Network recipes. It's mostly because of Food Network I started cooking more in college. The recipes for each month will be about 85% of the cooking and meals I make. For February I will be taking recipes from Deliciously Ella by Ella Woodward and focusing more on vegan and vegetarian food. February will be the month I clean up my lifestyle and add healthier habits and foods to my everyday life.  

Pioneer Woman Recipes I Recommend


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