Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday: TV Shows I Will Watch This Fall

   Here are 10 Shows I am going to continue watching or start watching this fall. We don't watch TV all that often in our household, but we do watch quite a bit of Netflix. We'll see if Netflix uploads more seasons of shows I like: The Walking Dead mainly. We end up watching more Netflix than regular TV because by the time we settle down to eat dinner it is usually pretty late in the evening. Any time from 7:30 to 9 PM we are actually getting ready to eat. Only TBBT and Modern Family are kept up to date and the rest is on Netflix. What will you be watching this fall? By the way, I thought Netflix was supposed to be uploading a lot more movies? The movies they keep adding are the ones constantly shown during the day on channels like USA. Lame. They also seem to be more interested in making their own shows and movies and promoting them above everything else. Mind you they have put out some great shows. Also, I remember when movies from RedBox was an actual dollar. This can easily become a rant so I'll stop, lol.

My guilty/not-so-guilty pleasures:
The Originals - I'm finishing Season 2 now. 
Reign - I need to watch Season 2. I watched the first one when it was airing, but I've been into teen shows lately and the wardrobe is stunning.
Sleepy Hollow - I need to watch Season 2 as well. 
Pretty Little Liars (Though my husband watched some of last season with me) - I'm on Season 5 as well. I watch it mostly for the fashion and nostalgia for my teen years. Though Troian is close to my age. All these women are so gorgeous!
Gilmore Girls - I have been feeling a need to rewatch it. I might skip a cuple seasons that I wasn't a fan of.
Bojack Horseman - The latest season was just released. 

With the Hubs:
The Big Bang Theory - I was wanting to discontinue watching this show, but this last season was better than the 3 prior to it. I don't know how long they intend for this show to last. My husband loves it.
Modern Family - We both love this show.
IZombie - We just got finished with Season 3 of Arrow on Netflix and we need something to watch together. My husband actually seemed interested in this!
Stranger Things - I've heard great things about this show and I want us to watch it together this fall. 


This fun, weekly meme was started by The Broke and the Bookish. There they have scheduled all the Tuesdays and provided a list of old topics. The perfect meme for bookish list-makers. 
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