Sunday, August 7, 2016

Marry, Kiss, or Kill & Conquer, Vacation, or Destroy with Once Upon A Time A Review // Summer Blogger Promo Tour

   Welcome to the 2016 Summer Blogger Promo Tour hosted by Amber and Jessica: The Book Bratz(@thebookbratz)! I will be featuring six ladies on my blog every Sunday during July and August. Likewise, they will be featuring one of us on their blog, everyone doing something different- tag, Q&A, or discussing their dream book to movie adaptation, etc. I am super excited to be a part of this tour this year and I am happy to meet such creative and nice people!

   This week I will be featuring Cheyenne from Once Upon A Time A Review! Follow her blog and  Twitter @OnceUpo15467743! Cheyenne will be my last guest feature for the Summer Blogger Promo Tour. This week she will be playing Marry, Kiss, or Kill with characters from books, TV Shows and movies, then she will give her choices for Conquer, Vacation or Destroy for worlds in the same mediums. Enjoy and be sure to follow me and the other ladies I've featured for #SBPT!

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Marry, Kiss, or Kill: 
1. Cal (Red Queen), Cap. Jack Sparrow, Luke (Gilmore Girls)  
Marry Cal, Kiss Jack Sparrow, Kill Luke sorry Luke 
2. Tamlin (ACOTAR), Harry Potter, Gaston (The Beauty and the Beast) 
Marry Tamlin, Kiss Harry Potter, kill Gaston 
3. Will (The Infernal Devices), Jem (The Infernal Devices), Jacob (Twilight) 
Marry Will, Kiss Jem, Kill Jacob, (I don't like Jem or Jacob, but Jem is better than Jacob soo.) 
4. Warner (Shatter Me), Draco Malfoy, Klaus (The Originals) 
Marry Klaus, Kiss Warner, Kill Draco

Conquer (make your own), Vacation, Destroy: 
1. Hogwarts, St. Vladimir's Academy, Wonderland 
I feel like Wonderland will be a cool place to conquer, Vacation Hogwarts, Destroy St. Vladimir's Academy 
2. Victorian London (The Infernal Devices world), Archeon (Red Queen), Weasley's Home 
Conquer Victorian London, Vacation Archeon, Destroy Weasley's Home 
3. Oz, New Orleans (The Originals' World), Stars Hollow 
I know for sure that I would vacation in Stars Hollow, but destroying Oz or New Orleans would be super hard I can't choose. 
4. Beast's Castle (The Beauty & the Beast), Neverland, Atlantis 
Conquer Neverland, Vacation Atlantis, Destroy Beast's Castle


What would your answers be? 


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