Friday, July 1, 2016

What I've Been Up To: June 2016

My June

   I don't remember the last time, or if ever, I had finished 9 items in a month. I definitely had a couple books that carried over from previous months, but I still completed more than I thought I would. I think not having a TBR helps because there is less pressure to read certain books and go against your mood at the moment. I have to give thanks to the three read-a-thons I kind of participated in in June. 5/9 were 4 Star reads and 1 read was a 5 Star so I am pretty happy I didn't read any shitty books. My real life consisted of me trying to lose the weight I gained when I went home in May. I found out I shouldn't have so much ice cream and cookies if I want that to be achievable. Also, I am so proud of my close friend who got a part in our local production of Into the Woods. June has been a month where I have been focusing on my happiness and health. I started painting and writing more. The creative juices have been flowing. Elizabeth's Gilbert's book, Big Magic, helped me overcome my fears and doubts with me writing at 28 years old. Sometimes I feel like I am too old to start again and work to perfect the craft. I just have to write for me and enjoy what I do. I won't allow myself to suffer from my own criticisms and fear! How was your June?  

Finished Books

Currently Reading

Favorite Read of the Month



Reasons Why Barcelona is an Awesome Bookish City.
My Anticipated Releases for the 2nd Half of 2016.
Books I Need to Get Read.
TV Shows I am Currently Loving.


Tome Topple June 5-19: 1 Tome Read in first week (Beautiful Creatures), 1 Graphic Novel (ODY-C), 1200 Total Pages Read
Read-O-Rama June 13-19 
TBR Takedown June 20-26 

July Plans

I have two books that will be coming off hold for me in July so I'd like to read those and finish a book I had received for review. I have other plans for books, but that will depend on my mood. I'd like to finish the Pop Sugar Reading Challenge in the next few months. I have all my books planned. There will be the BookTubeAThon later this month that I am looking forward to participate. I am going to try and read as many of my own books before ARC August comes around. 
Summer Blogger Promo Tour 2016 will be every Sunday in July and part of August where I showcase a blogger! Be sure to watch out for that. The ladies and I have a lot of fun blogposts planned! 
I will also be starting (and keeping up with) a couple new post series on my blog. On of them is "Currently Loving" which will consist of anything and everything. It may help to start a discussion or gushing of similar tastes. I hope to continue with my writing and painting this month as well. 


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