Saturday, August 15, 2015

ARC August Update 1: Week 1 & 2

    Here's an update of my progress for the first two weeks of August. My TBR changed a bit when I got approved for previous requests: Vengeance Road and an adult fiction novel through Penguin. I am happy with what I have accomplished so far, but I don't expect to get through more than 3 more books. These three being the most recent additions to my ARC pile, but I am excited to read them nonetheless. I love having a variety of genres and that keeps things a little more interesting. I read a short story collection of fantasy, a YA sci-fi, and another fantasy novel with mermaids. I even managed to complete a non-ARC.

Books Finished:

+Fearsome Magics, edited by Jonathan Strahan. 4/5 Stars.
+The Here and Now by Ann Brashares. 3/5 Stars.
+Lorali by Laura Dockrill. 5/5 Stars.

Reviews Posted:

TBR for next two weeks:

+The Big Lie by Julie Mayhew. Publication Date: August 27, 2015 - Netgalley, Hot Key Books
+The Courtesan by Alexandra Curry. Publication Date: September 8, 2015 - Penguin, Dutton
+Vengeance Road by Erin Bowman. Publication Date:September 1, 2015 - NetGalley, HMH Books


  1. Oooh, you're doing really good! And you're not slacking off on reviews. Great job!

    My Week 2 Update!

    1. Thanks! Due to the length of the books I have left to read I may have to just post 1 review a week now. If I finish those three books on the TBR I will be happy! :) Thanks for stopping by!
      Take care,