Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Review: Altaica by Tracy M. Joyce

Title: Altaica by Tracy M. Joyce
Series: The Chronicles of Altaica
Publication Date: June 6, 2014
Star Rating: 4/5
Publisher: Odyssey Books
Genres: High Fantasy
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"“Look at her – she’s Hill Clan. Even the Matyrani don’t like them …”

Isaura – little is known about her race, but much is whispered. Born to refugees, she grows up enduring racism and superstition within a community that fears her. She has few friends, and those she treasures. Trapped, she longs for escape to a different life. 

Escape is only the beginning of her troubles. Having fled an invading army with her friends, Isaura is faced with heinous choices in order to survive. Secrets from her past emerge to torment her and threaten to destroy all she holds dear. Her struggles forge a bond with an ancient power – a power which may transform or consume her. Old hatreds and superstitions are renewed and at her most vulnerable she learns the true nature of those around her.

Her only hope lies in a foreign land – a land rich in tradition; ruled by three powerful clans. A land with a history marked by warfare; where magic as we know it does not exist. Instead what is here, in abundance, is a more primal power.

Survival carries a high price.

Welcome to Altaica."

My Review

This is a great book for the first installment of The Chronicles of Altaica! There is adventure, war, and love. It is about a group of refugees fleeing their land from the evil Zaragarians and accidentally sailing to the island of Altaica. The Altaicans are people with have different beliefs and appearances. Not to mention there is tension and distrust among the three clans: Boar, Horse, and Bear. It was full of action, even in the beginning. The pace of the book kept it really intriguing and there weren't lagging moments.

I love how there are the differences between the refugees and the Altaicans. I am looking forward to read how the refugees adapt to the new island and people... Being the outsiders, they will understand what Isaura had to cope with all her life such as racism. I love how the author used Turkish myth and influence in the book. The writing style was unique to what I have read before, but it was somewhat tedious at times when the POV changed abruptly in the next paragraph. However, the range of different characters was great and the myth in the book was enjoyable. This is an epic I would love to continue reading! 

I would recommend it to lovers of fantasy and those new to the genre.

Thank you to NetGalley for sending me this copy for review!



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