Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Confessions of a Bibliophile Tag

1. What genres do you typically stay away from?
    I don’t really like sports so I don’t like to read books that center on sports. 
2. What is one book on your shelf that you have not read yet?
    Princess Bride. 
3. What is your worst bookish habit?
    I buy too many books before I read them. I love acquiring books. I am also super picky on how people treat my books…
4. Have you read every review copy you have been sent?
    As of right now, no!
5. What is the most expensive book you own?
    I’m not sure… 
6. Do you buy second-hand books?
    Yes! There are books I prefer new and some I am okay and love getting secondhand.
7. What is your favorite bookstore?
    In Barcelona (where I live right now) there is a great secondhand bookstore, Hibernian Books. Otherwise FNAC has some nice editions of books.
8. What is your favorite online bookstore?
    I like Book Depository because I can get books in certain editions if I can’t find them anywhere else. I love Book Outlet, but if I can’t find prices to beat them or BD I go to Amazon. I really want to buy books from Persephone and Melville House Publishing.
9. Do you have a budget for buying books?
    I really should.. :S


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